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Hey, I'm Emma. I'm a plus sized adult model, with an open mind, and a good heart. I'm a MODEL, not a PROSTITUTE, so please treat me as such. I'm happily married to an amazing man, and we have a semi open relationship. I enjoy card games, cartoons, video games, and many different fandoms.


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm 6-3 chubby white dude with wavy long black hair and a great beard. I'm a total Baratheon haha. Which I'm also a nerdy GoT and Star Wars fan. I also wear glasses
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

Taller then me, beard, nerd interests. We could give it a shot. :D

Asker clansman664 Asks:
Hi, hope all is good with you. Ok I have to ask, you know a lot about me already so would you date me? If we were single of course😉
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

Yes. You have a cool job, cool interests and you’re sweet/considerate. Plus you seem very attentive.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
5'11 chubby, beard, brown hair. Plays sports. Would you date me.
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

Sports… Does that mean you watch a lot of sports… >.>

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Apologies for what I said that made you turn off anon. Rereading it , it sounded bad. Wasnt my intention at all.
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

You’re the dude who commented on my weight loss? It was super rude. I’m struggling with a immune disorder that might cripple me someday and stole a big chunk of my youth. Yea i feel self-conscious about my belly, but the weight loss is helping my joints and helps with the pain i feel constantly. It’s not a choice and surgery is not an option. So rubbing it in my face is incredibly shitty of you. If you don’t have something nice to say, often times it’s better to just say nothing at all.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
6'2 white male, 240 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, loves Magic the Gathering, anime, roleplaying games, spicy food, talking a lot, action movies, Netflix, Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder, body positive thinking and cooking bbq.
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

Ye, yes, yes, and yes. Now be funny and have a beard and you’re perfet.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't think the dude that is referred to as Icewater Jones really told you who he was. Many people, I'm sure, have been called that a time or two, but he does sound really cool. I don't know him per se... but you should go out on a date with him one day.
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

Haha, ok Mr. Jones. Lol

Asker Anonymous Asks:
42 year old handsome Black male. 6'3 with an athletic basket ball player physique. 217 pounds. Genius level IQ with a six figure income. Loves kids and animals. Comfortable in all social situations and able to talk to anybody about anything. Likes to read a lot, and thinks you're very pretty. :) I'm not flashy and live well beneath my means.
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

I could probably date someone almost 20 years older then me, but i would also need to have things to talk about with you. I’m far more interested in a person i can relate to then someone whose hot and has money. Tho those are awesome things too, but not my number one concern.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I am 19 I love breaking bad I am into bbw and I love video games with a storyline
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

Sorry, but you’re too young and i wouldn’t date anyone who would refer to me  as a bbw like that or someone who lists that as an interest/reason to date. Not trying to be rude, it would make me feel cheapened and disrespected.

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Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga,
Anything Goes - Single


Listen to the brand new lead single for 'Cheek to Cheek' - the jazz album of Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga which is going to release this fall!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
5'9'' chubbier black dude. Cooks a lot. GOT fan, and is sometimes referred to as Icewater Jones... date me?
emmabailey emmabailey Said:

Haha, what is the point of going anon if you’re just going to tell me who you are? Lol

5’9 is taller then me, we both like GOT so we’d haves something to nerd out together over, and something to do on a first date. So yes. I’d totally take you out for dinner bb. ;p


the brooch please


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Tyler The Creator,


I had a tea party with Ophelia. She wanted to tip over the sugar jar. The bow is nice.

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when people are really rude and douchey and everyone still loves them


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